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.....creating a better vision

A novel graphene MEMS based

display and projection technology company


 01   Founding Team


We are a novel graphene  MEMS based display and projection  technology start-up and we are establishing the leading edge, patent-pending reflective display technology for initial deployment in the augmented reality and HUD segments.
Atrago is pushing technological boundaries into healthcare, automotive,  entertainment and industrie 4.0 segment.
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 02   About


Atrago is a start-up in the display and projection segment.
Our leading edge, patent pending reflective display and projection technology is based around the novel application of graphene in our MEMS product. 
We are pushing technological boundaries into healthcare, automotive,  entertainment and industry 4.0 segment.
The Atrago team is closely working together with leading research institutes and device making companies to get our technology to the market.

Atrago B.V.

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